In my family, we don’t have any dessert traditions for holidays, besides pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. For the past few years, my mom has told me to make whatever I wanted to for dessert on holidays. Surprisingly, it isn’t bread pudding because my sister doesn’t like bread pudding.

I read a lot of recipe books, so I take suggestions about what desserts fit certain holidays from cookbooks. Pretty much, I steal another family’s traditions. The two most common desserts I see in any “Easter” section of a cookbook are coconut cake and carrot cake. My mom hates coconut (I’m out here putting my whole family on blast, sorry Mom!), so I never make coconut cake. However, I have made coconut cake for Easter before. So, with Easter approaching, my mind was on carrot cake!

I don’t spend Easter at home anymore. As a college student, I don’t have that luxury. I’m not upset about it, though. I buy myself a lot of candy and fill the void with artisanal peanut butter eggs. My favorite pb eggs are from David Bradley Chocolatier.

So as for The Cheesecake Factory’s influence on my latest recipe, I have been making my way through TCF’s cheesecake menu for a few years now. I love carrot cake and cheesecake, so I really wanted to love their carrot cake cheesecake, but it just left something to be desired. This recipe is also a twist on TCF’s layered cheesecake cakes, except the layered cheesecake bread pudding is all baked together,


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