Why Bread Pudding? (An Origin Story)

So by now you’re probably wondering, “Why is this chick obsessed with bread pudding?” It’s a fair point, and one I have been wanting to elaborate on.

Now, I’ve had many bread puddings in my life, but only of of these bread puddings was life-changing. It was my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The wedding, reception, and rehearsal dinner were all at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn. Let me tell you, the food at this place was really good! They even had an awesome bakery.

So, after dinner, it was time for dessert. I was so full from dinner! But my parents knew I had a huge sweet tooth and they asked for the dessert menu for me. I didn’t want anything too heavy for dessert, so I looked at the menu and anything chocolate was out! From the non-chocolate items one really stood out: *bread pudding*.

It wasn’t my first time at the bread pudding rodeo, so I thought I knew what to expect. However, this particular bread pudding exceeded all expectations! It was less bread-dense than most bread pudding I had before. The custard was light and creamy. It was a total game-changer. I had spent my entire life ordering the most chocolaty item from every dessert menu when I could have been eating bread pudding?! Dang, that bread pudding was so good.

Bread pudding became one of my favorite things. after my sister’s rehearsal dinner.

After that I fell down some slippery slope of bread pudding. I ended up making bread pudding as my birthday “cake” for my 18th birthday, two years later. [Side note: I’ve been making my own birthday cake every year for a long time. I love doing it.]

In college, I got so excited when the dining hall had bread pudding. Once, the dining hall had bread pudding when I had a very large Tupperware in my bag–probably from dropping off freshly baked cookies for someone, but I don’t remember exactly. I got all of my friends who I was sitting with to go up and get plates full of bread pudding for me. Then we put all of the bread pudding in my Tupperware, and I was eating bread pudding for a week!

Anytime I was going to eat out, I would choose the restaurant based on whether they had bread pudding or not. I’ve found many great restaurants and eaten many good bread puddings because of this method.

Every time I went home, my parents took me to the farmer’s market. (BTW: Pennsylvania farmer’s markets are lit!!) My strategy at the farmer’s market was to look for any bread pudding I could find and get some of each. Once, I left the farmer’s market with about 5 different bread puddings!

I made bread pudding every chance I could get. And when there was no reason to make bread pudding, I would make it anyway. Eventually, I started calling bread pudding “bread pud’,” mostly because it sounds really uncomfortable when you say it aloud.

So yeah, I’m obsessed with bread pudding. And it all started with one fateful bread pudding at the Stroudsmoor Inn.

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