Boston Cream Doughnut Rant (and an ongoing definitive ranking)

Hey, loyal reader to whom I haven’t blogged with in a while. I don’t know about you, but when I’m asked what my pet peeves are I can never think of any. However one was just brought to my attention, so if you will hear me out, I would like to rant to you.

Backstory: I love Boston Cream doughnuts (who doesn’t)! So I’ve been trying the Boston Cream at as many different doughnut places as I can. I am currently blogging from the beach in Rhode Island that I take most of my “Doughnut at the beach” pictures at (see my instagram @jillresh). I was photographing Blackbird Doughnuts today, but on my way down here I decided to stop at 4Corners in Warwick, RI since they have Boston Cream for this week only. Mind you I also had a Blackbird Boston Cream with me for the photo shoot. Sounds like a great time to do a comparison, right?

After the photo shoot I started to eat the Blackbird Boston Cream, when I remembered I had to try 4Corner’s Boston Cream. Now I know I love the Blackbird Boston Cream, a smooth vanilla bean custard center, topped with chocolate ganache, and a slightly sweet yeast dough. Delicious! I took a bite of 4Corners Bostonian Cream, and I was met with a vanilla pudding center, which is NOT okay. Imagine making instant Jello vanilla pudding from the box, and filling a doughnut with it. I feel this is the only way you’ve ever experienced Boston Cream, I feel bad for you. Having had 4Corners doughnuts before, I knew I was in for a lot more sugar than Blackbird, but I had no clue I was in for this crime against Boston Cream. Not all of 4Corners doughnuts are bad, in fact I loved their Snickerdoodle doughnut! Their snickerdoodle was a top-notch vanilla cake doughnut, but I would not wish their Boston Cream upon my worst enemy.

Please, please, don’t soil the name of Boston Cream by using vanilla pudding in the center. I beg you.

Rant over. Thank you for your time!

Definitive ranking coming soon! Along with detailed descriptions. For now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my beach day…

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